Online Early Career Mentoring

For todays modern challenges

About Us

Millennial Mentoring is an online platform to help you enter the world of work from the comfort of your own home.

Through videos, blogs and online mentoring we are giving you access to the key early careers skills needed to prepare, interview and secure you’re first career.

The team here have all graduated from university in the last 6 years and been successful in acquiring graduate schemes in the UK’s biggest private employers when job hunting is at its hardest in the last 25 years.

Here at Millennial Mentoring we use modern day experience to coach and teach you everything that education does not prepare you for when facing the modern challenges of becoming the best in class, obtaining your ideal job or reaching those career aspirations.


The best videos for self development all put into one handy place for you to learn in your own time.

some key videos include:

  • The psychology of self motivation

  • How to find work that you love

  • The Skill of self confidence

  • How to speak so that people want to listen


We have blogs written from professionals in every career to give you a real insight to help you decide what which jobs suit you and how to prepare for them. Some key blogs include:

  • How to thrive and build a brand

  • How to stand out at your next graduate interview

  • 5 key behaviors to staying resilient when job hunting


Online Mentoring Services

As well as the tools for self learning our expert team of young professionals offer online mentoring through skype to help you prepare, interview and land your ideal career. Services include:

  • Online practice interviews

  • CV & Cover letter writting

  • Demonstrating key behaviors

  • Researching companies


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