Our Team

Each member of our team has graduated from university and joined a leading UK company in a graduate role within the last 6 years. As a result, we have spent years honing our skills and are in an excellent position to transfer this knowledge to students who are about to leave education. We use a variety of mediums and share our own personal experiences to make the content both engaging and appealing to the modern learner.

James Douglas
Managing Director & Mentor
Adam Phillips
Head of Content
& Mentor
Max Temple
Head of Operations
& Mentor

Degree: Business & Management

University: Leeds Metropolitan University

Occupation: Tesco - Trade and Operations Manager (North and NI)

Starting on the retail graduate scheme and learning how to lead people in stores James has work across many different functions of one of the world’s biggest multinationals.

James has led programs and teams in areas such as:

  • Store Management

  • Graduate and apprenticeship recruitment & development

  • Project management

  • Trade and operations manager for the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Specialising in career strategy, personal development and early careers management (Graduates & Apprentices) James brings a wealth of corporate experience and expertise into the team.

Degree: Human Geography
University: University of Sheffield
Occupation: Nationwide Building Society - Lead Training Consultant

Adam is an accredited training consultant who works for the largest building society in the world.

He is responsible for designing and delivering
a plethora of courses, ranging from corporate inductions to management development programmes.

He has the ability to tailor his training style to suit the audience and makes the content both fun and engaging to meet the demands of the modern learner.

Working with graduates on a daily basis, he is perfectly placed to give students a head start on the competition by training them in the skills they will need early on in their chosen careers.

Degree: Business and Management
University: Leeds Metropolitan University
Occupation: Nationwide Building Society - Mortgage Distribution Manager

With a wealth of experience in management since graduating from Nationwide’s Graduate Management scheme, Max now finds himself developing future leaders for the society through succession-planning and his natural leadership acumen which includes recognition as Nationwide’s ‘Mortgage Manager of the Quarter’ for services in career-development.

Max has worked in the finance sector for the last 7 years holding multiple roles including customer service, implementing cost-saving strategies, Mortgage advice and high-level Mortgage Management which is where he currently operates for the worlds largest Building Society.