The Introduction of the TEF has meant a larger focus on early career skills and with tuition fees in scope it is crucial students leave institutions ready for the working world.

Millennial mentoring work with universities and students to teach the key skills and behaviours needed to be successful in a hyper competitive market through:

  • Lectures

  • Workshops

  • Webinars and online Q&A's



The "Apprenticeship Levy"

has meant students are under more pressure than ever before to be clear on their future and how to attain it after school. 

Millennial Mentoring work with schools to help inform students about both higher education and working to help guide them to make the best decision on what to do after education through:

  • Presentations

  • Workshops


Each member of our team has graduated from university and joined a leading UK company in a graduate role within the last 6 years. As a result, we have spent years honing our skills and are in an excellent position to transfer this knowledge to students who are about to leave education. We use a variety of mediums and share our own personal experiences to make the content both engaging and appealing to the modern learner.

Mentoring at Universities & Schools