I left 6th form a little unsure about what to choose at Uni or if i should even go to Uni.

James helped me choose a subject, build a CV and secure a position at my first choice Uni.

Thank you!

Jonathan Foley

I've always found the interview process difficult. I have all the skills required however on the day my nerves take over. After a few coaching sessions with James I feel much more prepared. I've always used the basic interview prep tips i.e. research the company however James taught me new ways to find company statistics which make you stand out from the crowd.

Amy J

First class Mentoring,

I had designed CV for a client who was getting interviews but not the job, i referred him to MM who worked on image and technique - the 1 to 1 online coaching was just what he needed and has now secured a new position with one of his target companies.


Great service MM!

Fantastic CV

When considering a career change i needed some help with where to start. MM taught me how to make the most of my CV by highlighting transferable skills.

I took part in some coaching sessions via skype and couldnt be happier with the results. I started my new role last week.

Thank you!

Elly M

MM were a massive help towards me securing a permanent role at my place of work. I lack confidence when it comes to interviews, but the online 1-1 coaching I received from the MM team helped me over come this, and secure the role I was going for. They also gave me helpful pointers on my career going forwards.


I can’t thank them enough!

Conor Meehan

After been a fully qualified hair stylist I decided upon a career change as I didn’t feel challenged. I enlisted the support of Max to ‘see what it was all about’. The mentoring sessions were very enlightening and allowed me (with help) to embark on a new career of Sales Executive for a established house builder. I can say now, best decision I’ve ever made.


Very professional and personable


Thank you Max


Emily D

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