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Adam Poswolsky - The Quarter Life Crisis

What is a quarter-life crisis, and how do you break through it? In this engaging and funny talk, the author of an Amazon bestseller on finding meaningful work shares the takeaways from his and other young people confronting the quarter-life crisis head-on.

Joe Rogan - Society Trap

A must watch for anybody who is unsure about what they want to do after leaving education!

Do not settle for a job just to pay the bills which will inevitably trap you into a life you did not set out to live!

Tony Robbins - Why We Do What We Do

Expert speaker Tony Robbins discusses the "invisible forces" that make us do what we do.

This is a brilliant watch for anyone who wants to know why they do what they do!

Understanding yourself if the first step to being able to interview well and build a credible brand - this is a great place to start!

David Foster Wallace - This is water

A must watch for any graduate about to leave education and the challenges you will face in "day to day" life and how the choices you make will shape your mentality and ultimately how happy you are.

Alan Watts - Chasing success

A brilliant 3 minute video which highlights what we see in people leaving university today and why the "quarter life crisis" is quickly becoming a real thing!

Admiral William H McRaven - Start by making your bed

Key life tips from an ex Navy Seal trainer that will inspire and uplift any aspiring Millennial to push harder and think smarter.

Simon Sinek - Start with why

A must watch for any entrepreneur building a business and a brand!

This short 5 minute video is a cut down version of Sinek's TED talk on how businesses describe who they are and what they do.

This video will show you how to articulate your business to hit right at the heart of your audience and market from the minute you start your presentation.

Advice from the most successful business people

Some timeless advice and words of wisdom from incredible people, this video is all about helping you find different perspectives and viewpoints on success and some key bits of advice to challenge the way you think.

Gary Vaynerchuk on Millennials and Procrastination

Gary V's take no prisoners perspective on our generation and modern day businesses. Truly Inspirational for anyone who feels there is a need for change!

The psychology of self-motivation | Scott Geller |

A great video on the psychology of self motivation and the science behind getting yourself motivated after education. A must watch for anyone wanting to get on in life!

Joe Rogan - How To Succeed In Life

Another Joe Rogan video on his rules on living a valued life both financially and spiritually.

Why are millennials so stressed? Is it Quarter Life Crisis? | Allison Osborn |

Building on her background in business as well as yoga, Osborn highlights the importance of clarifying your personal and professional priorities as well as income needs to the relevant topic of millennials. Noting novel reasons as to why this generation is plagued by stress and what she terms quarter life crises, Osborn builds upon her experience to offer inspiring, heartfelt advice.

To find work you love, don't follow your passion | Benjamin Todd

Mainstream career advice tells us to “follow our passion”, but this advice is dead wrong. Research shows that people who take this approach are ultimately no more likely to enjoy or excel at their jobs. Instead, if you’re looking for a fulfilling career, here’s a new slogan to live by: Do what’s valuable.

How to find and do work you love | Scott Dinsmore

Scott Dinsmore's mission is to change the world by helping people find what excites them and build a career around the work only they are capable of doing. He is a career change strategist whose demoralizing experience at a Fortune 500 job launched his quest to understand why 80% of adults hate the work they do, and more importantly, to identify what the other 20% were doing differently.

The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph |

As the Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University, Dr. Joseph is often asked what skills he is searching for as a recruiter: is it speed? Strength? Agility? In Dr. Joseph's TEDx Talk, he explores self confidence and how it is not just the most important skill in athletics, but in our lives.

How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.